Why you’re not succeeding as an entrepreneur

With an ominous title like that, how can this not be a good article, am I right?

Let’s get down to business – being an entrepreneur in any sense of the word can be very challenging. It’s also very rewarding and gives you some of the best freedom and sense of control you will probably ever experience.

If you’re reading this, I assume you either are an entrepreneur or are looking at becoming one. If you’re looking for a trick that will magically make your business skyrocket, I cannot promise this will do it, but it will definitely help you along your journey.

So what is it? Relaxing.

What. Ryan, that’s lame.

If you would have asked me a year ago, when I was starting my business, RyStein Online, I would have told you the same thing. A large part of being an entrepreneur (in my opinion) is grinding and patience.

What this means is that you constantly need to be working on your business to make it grow (grinding) and you also have to be patient enough to allow your business to develop and for things to fall into place (patience).

For many of my fellow entrepreneurs, patience is not the same as relaxing. Even if you are waiting for something to occur, it does not mean that you like waiting. Whereas relaxing is a conscious effort to slow down and enjoy the moment.

By it’s very nature, running a business requires you to always be thinking three steps ahead, always being “on” and hunting for new clients and new income opportunities. Pretty much the exact opposite of relaxing. I love the rush of running my own business and disdain the feeling of not getting anything done.

Which is why it is so important for us to take a break. Let me go on record by saying: you need sleep; you need friends and you need hobbies. In my opinion, these three are the paramount of being successful. Your business will undoubtedly become intertwined with your identity. When you work on something that hard, it’s bound to happen.

I will also say that you cannot be “on” all the time. You will start to deteriorate and will not make sound decisions for you or your company. Tired people make poor decisions and burnt out people can barely make sound decisions at all.

I work full-time, run my own business, am getting my MBA and go to the gym regularly. Trust me when I say that a burnt out entrepreneur is barely an entrepreneur at all.

It is okay to be “on”, it is okay to rest and it is okay to ask for help. Even though we are all running our own businesses and have our own missions; to some degree, we are all in this together.

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