What is your brand?

The purpose of this post is to give you an understanding of why you need a brand whether you are an entrepreneur or work for a company.

Why you need a brand.

You need a brand because it dictates how people will think and feel about you as well as how they think you will handle your work. When I say that you need a brand, I mean that you need to be easily recognizable. When you see the Nike swoosh, you might think of athletes, working out or athleisure wear.

Therefore if you own a company, you may want to be known as knowledgeable, capable and a thought leader.

If you work for a company and you are a manager, you may want to known as someone who delivers results, develops people and has the company’s best interests at heart.

Regardless, it is important to know how people think of you. If your brand is weak (people don’t like you or your working style) it may be time to rebrand yourself.

How to know what your brand is.

Plain and simple: ask.

If you work for a company: ask your manager and two people you regularly work with what they would sum up your working style as or personal brand.

If you own a company: survey your current customers asking the same thing and give them an incentive to finish the survey (money off next order or service).

How to rebrand.

If you find that your brand is not what you want it to be, it is time to get to work.

If you work for a company and are known for not responding to emails, tell your manager you are planning on becoming known as someone who responds in a timely manner. Then, start setting aside time to respond to emails each day. You can block it off on your calendar, or go for a walk and respond on your phone if the emails are easy to reply to.

If you own a company and are known for not responding to your customers, mark the day that you start your new initiative to respond to customers more. Then, start blocking time on your calendar to respond to emails. It may help to have this time be the same time every day, so that you get into a routine.

Ryan, I tried these steps and they did not work!

Keep in mind that this is a simplified version of a very complicated and time intensive process. If you need more help, or have more questions about how this impacts your career or business, I always love to chat!

You can reach me at rysteinonline@gmail.com or use the contact form on rysteinonline.com/contact.

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