How to Get Traffic to Your Website in 2019

How to Get Traffic to Your Website in 2019


It never hurts to have more website traffic, but drawing more people to your webpage can be tricky.

No matter the size of your webpage, chances are you’ve found that it’s increasingly difficult to boost your traffic.

Are you seeing limited returns on your traffic-boosting methods?

Has your website traffic stagnated—or worse, started to fall?

Having a comprehensive marketing strategy can help improve your website traffic. As you start working on your marketing campaign in 2019, keep the following proven-effective tips in mind.

Start Working to Increase Brand Queries

Start Working to Increase Brand Queries

We’re starting with this one because it’s the most obvious:

The more people who search for your brand equals the more people who will visit your site.

If you’ve already got an established brand, you probably receive a good portion of your daily visitors from brand queries, but if you’re just starting out, things are a bit more difficult.

Increasing your brand’s top-of-mind awareness can be done in several ways—many of which are listed below—but hiring PR and marketing professionals is one of the most effective.

If you’re looking to increase your website traffic within a few months’ time, make boosting your brand’s image a number-one priority.

improve your email marketing campaign

Up Your Email Marketing Campaign

Who hasn’t heard of an email marketing campaign? If you’ve ever delved into marketing at all, you’re sure to have come across the age-old tip of establishing a successful email campaign.

Here’s a tip:

They’re still effective.

Email campaigns help draw potential and returning customers to your page. Building an effective email list and sending routine emails can alert people of new website content or promotional deals.

Email marketing has remained popular because it actually works, so be sure to not underutilize this powerful tool. Done right, it can radically increase your website traffic.

Build Your Personal Brand

Build Your Personal Brand

If you haven’t yet built an impressive online presence, start working on building your personal brand.

Having a personal brand can be one of the most-effective methods to drawing people to your site.

A well-known personal brand can boost your top-of-mind awareness and help consistently draw in new viewers to your website.

Additionally, as you start to build a following, you can expect that this will convert into increased website traffic—and even sales.

A personal brand is not necessarily the same as your company’s brand, so be sure to work on improving the two separately.

Use Social Media to Convert Leads into Profit

Use Social Media to Convert Leads into Profit

Strategically leveraging social media pages can be one of the most powerful ways in which you can increase your webpage traffic.

No matter your platform of choice—Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.—social media is one of the easiest ways to target your intended audience.

Keep in mind that there are specific rules to consider to effectively market on each individual platform.

Be sure to make use of paid advertising options, if available, as these can increase your reach and boost overall traffic.

For Facebook in particular, analytical data and critical demographic information can be viewed and used to target specific audiences.

Utilizing these platforms correctly can help you leverage your following to increase website traffic.

utilize side bars for more web traffic

Be Smart with Your Sidebars

Want to have your page rank better on Google and other major search engines?

Start using your sidebar!

That’s right—if you’ve been neglecting to link your sidebar to your homepage content, you’re missing out on potential traffic.

And this is important: make sure that you link your sidebar content on every page for maximum results.

By doing so, you can increase your search engine rankings and boost your website traffic.

use remarketing to increase web traffic

Consider Changing Your Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing is key to converting your “almost customers.”

These are those who make it to your checkout page before bouncing.

One major goal of boosting your website traffic is to convert this traffic into profit—so make sure you’re targeting these missed leads.

Short videos made with this audience in mind are highly effective at encouraging people to visit your site again to make a purchase.

Leveraging social media and your own content can improve results—just make sure that you’re not using the same product selling points they’ve already passed on.

videos can help increase web traffic

Get Creative

If you’ve been growing websites for any length of time, you know that boosting traffic is increasingly difficult.

Expect this trend to continue in 2019.

Understanding why this is true isn’t hard:

It’s simply that much of what used to work doesn’t anymore—meaning you’re going to have to get a little creative.

Eye-catching and engaging videos are one great tool to help raise your site’s awareness and boost traffic. Just make sure they’re not too long—the optimal length is around two minutes.

affiliate marketing programs can help increase web traffic

Use Affiliate Programs

Not all old methods are gone, however, as building affiliate programs and partnerships still remains an effective means to boost your website’s traffic.

Affiliate programs are especially useful for smaller websites because they allow you to leverage the success and the following of others to boost your own traffic.

Additionally, the extra exposure and the links back to your site will improve your search engine rankings.

All of this works together to boost your webpage’s traffic.

use seo on every page to increase traffic

Use SEO on EVERY Page

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another time-honored method that’s not going anywhere.

SEO is a process by which you tailor the content on your site to rank more-highly on major search engines.

Optimizing your content with SEO often includes the addition of certain keywords that are recognized by search engines and that will boost your webpage’s rankings.

Having professional SEO content can be costly at first, especially if you use SEO analyzing tools or services, but the long-term return on the investment is worth it.

Make sure that you don’t just include SEO on your homepage. Your whole website should be search engine optimized so that you can enjoy an even greater increase in overall traffic.

optimize your site for more traffic

Optimize Your Site

There’s more than one way to optimize your site. And while making sure your content is tailored to be search engine-friendly is crucial, it’s just as important that your site’s interface is user-friendly across a variety of platforms.

Websites with difficult functionality can put people off, and with an increase in the use of mobile devices, it’s imperative that your site is easy to use no matter how it’s accessed.

Taking action to increase your site’s overall utility is one of the first steps you should make when attempting to boost traffic to your webpage. Afterall, if your site isn’t user-friendly, you’re unlikely to convert many leads into real profit.

leave comments to increase web traffic

Leave Comments

Your viewers want to feel like you care, and if your website can give them that impression, you’re much more likely to boost traffic.

What better way is there to stay engaged with your viewers than to leave comments on your site? Stay engaged with users and let them know that their voices are heard, and—most importantly—let them hear yours.

In doing so, you can help increase the overall image of your brand and continuously draw viewers back to your page. Your interactive approach will likely also net you a few shares from readers.

This can also be done on your social media pages for an even greater impact.

google analytics tells you where your web traffic is coming from

Google Analytics Is Your Friend

In order to effectively grow your traffic, you need to understand where it’s coming from.

Google Analytics can provide you unique insight into your webpage’s statistics so that you can more-effectively tailor your content to your audience.

This can also help you as you optimize your site across different platforms by allowing you to understand just what devices your site is being accessed on.

two-step checkout allows you to get email addresses

Use a Two-Step Checkout Approach

How many times have you considered making a purchase on a webpage and then changed your mind?

Unfortunately, it happens more than you think, and if you’re using a one-step checkout system, you are losing valuable information that can help boost your web traffic.


Because even customers who eventually don’t complete a purchase are likely to supply you with important marketing information—such as their email address.

The trick is to ask for their email address first before ever asking for payment details (as this is where those who don’t actually make the purchase usually back out).

The more information you can get from them first, the better. Having an email, for instance, allows you to add the potential customer to an email list for your email marketing campaign.

By correctly leveraging this information, you can help draw these visitors back to your website—and even get them to close on a purchase.

posting relevant content helps your audience and gives better traffic

Don’t Neglect Your Content

Your content is your website’s bread and butter.

If it’s not good, chances are your web traffic isn’t either.

In this way, your content is really the backbone of your website’s traffic—meaning if you want to boost it, you need to make sure your content is good first.

This means more than just having content that is SEO-friendly. It should also be engaging, unique, and relevant to the niche market you’re targeting.

Make sure that you spruce up your content with engaging pictures, videos, and other charts and illustrations to catch the viewer’s eye.

paid advertising allows for traffic that is targeted and lots of it

Consider Paid Marketing

Not all of your marketing has to be organic.

Investing in paid marketing is one of the best ways to quickly increase your website’s traffic. This can be done for cheap on social media websites, but even then, it’s best to invest in an agency that has the knowhow to make the most of the marketing campaign.

Don’t worry about the cost as long as you’re getting quality service, as the returns you make should eclipse any advertising expense you pay.

Reaching into your pockets to get your name out there is definitely worth it, and a robust marketing campaign can dramatically boost your website’s traffic.

targeting people who have already been to your site is a good way to get quality traffic

Don’t Forget Re-Targeting Ads

How many of you have heard of re-targeting ads?

Probably not many.

And the number of you who actually use them is probably even lower.

It’s time to change that. Re-targeting ads are an effective means to convert your leads into sales.

What is a re-targeting ad, exactly?

Let’s say that a customer on your site has added some items in their cart, only to abandon them at checkout.

If you pay Google for a re-targeting ad, the search engine will help push the potential customer to return to finish the purchase by giving them ads related to your site and to the product(s) they were trying to buy.

use influencer marketing for more traffic

Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is used by businesses of all sizes but is especially important as a means for increasing web traffic for smaller sites.

With influencer marketing, you can pay someone to feature your site and promote it to their already-large following.

In this way, you can increase your site’s top-of-mind awareness and its outreach to effectively boost webpage traffic.

making sure your links are seo friendly can bring in more traffic

 Craft Your Links Carefully

Were you aware that the actual URL you create can affect your webpage’s traffic?

Well, now you are.

And, yes, this means that they need to be SEO-friendly.

Though it may come as a surprise, your URLs are very important when considering how your pages rank on Google. By optimizing the link, you can help boost traffic to your site.

Additionally, some top bloggers have reported dramatic increases in webpage traffic when removing dates from the URL.

By optimizing your links along these lines, you can expect to see an increase in traffic for each webpage.

offer free courses to gain emails and build your list

Offer Free Courses

Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Hardly anyone will pass on the opportunity to get something for free—and successful marketers use this to their advantage.

If you’re having trouble getting people interested in your site or even building an email list, consider offering free courses in exchange.

They should, of course, be related to your overall brand and be available to accepting customers for a limited time only. A common time frame, for instance, would be a 30-day free offer.

What do you get in return?

Their email addresses.

This will grow your potential customer database and help you add fuel to your email marketing campaign. Remember: the better this campaign is, the more traffic you can expect.

share your content more than once to gain more visitors

Share Your Content—More than Once

Your content needs to be seen by as many people as possible, so don’t be shy about sharing it … more than once.

Though it can seem strange at first, sharing your content frequently on social media is a powerful means to boost webpage traffic.

And this means sharing the same content more than once.

Your goal is for your content to reach as many viewers as possible. More viewers means more visitors—and that’s always a good thing.


Boosting your website’s traffic doesn’t have to be difficult—even if it can be quite complicated.

Establishing a clear marketing strategy can cut down on the confusion and can help you see a quick and dramatic increase in overall traffic.

Keep the tips above in mind as you compose your marketing strategy to achieve the best-possible results.

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