How to Advertise on Facebook

More than one billion are on Facebook – are you ready to reach them

Increasing sales through Facebook Ads

Let’s say you sell services online, but no one is booking you. What if there was a magical way to get an ad in front of people who are ready to buy?

There is and you probably use the platform every day, it’s Facebook.

You can target based off of age, income level, behaviors and more. With that type of data, imagine the leads that will come flooding to your business.

When to use Facebook Ads.

Facebook ads are very flexible and can handle most goals you throw at them. Some options are driving traffic, raising brand awareness, lead generation and product sales.

If you have someone skilled managing your ads, you could see your sales go through the roof.

Why use Facebook Ads

  1. Everyone is there – how many times a day do you see people checking Facebook?
  2. We will say it again – 1 Billion users
  3. Organic reach on social media is sharply declining
  4. Targeting is incredibly robust – explore segments you did not even know you had
  5. Remarketing – target people who have already visited your site or interacted with an ad
  6. Better targeting means more qualified leads

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