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Can we talk about micromanagement and how it’s hurting our work?

Micromanagement, we all hate it and yet it is an epidemic that we see across the world. Why it’s bad It kills creativity, productivity and generally fosters and environment that nobody wants to be a apart of. Don’t believe me? Check out this article. Who micromanagement harms Everyone, plain and simple. Have you ever met anyone who has said, “My manager watches my every move and it feels so good!”. Most likely not, if you want further proof, here are some examples. How to spot a micromanager In my time with micromanagers, here are the characteristics that I found to be true: Controlling Berates vs. constructive criticism Negative attitude when employees ask for advice/help Lack

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5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You

Do you ever wake up and wonder what your competitors can teach you? No? You’re not alone. Most probably wake up and think, “how am I supposed to keep up with the competition. This list will help shift your thinking on the subject. So, instead of thinking of competitors as the enemy, you’ll think of them as an information source. After all, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. 1. Who your target audience is Your competition can help you hone in on who your products and services are for. They have done their research, instead of reinventing the wheel, why not use it? Here is an article about finding your target audience. 2. What your

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Empathy: the Secret to an Outstanding Company

This has always been an important topic to me. As a millennial, I have been told that I have been too invested in the emotional side of managing as well as the emotional side of the work. To some degree, I understand the importance of being able to look at things objectively. Some decisions need to be be pragmatic in nature and that is how things go. However, I think that empathy when it comes to working with people is vital. I think it is doubly true if you are managing people/teams or vendor relationships. In my career, I have found that people who “loved!” working with me were people that I had taken the

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How do you manage a remote team?

Managing freelancers can be a real pain if you have never done it before. It’s also a skill that is not going to be going away. My entire team is remote and I do not see that going away anytime soon. So, since we are all professionals, let’s talk about how to handle this. 1. Clear communication When I ask freelancers what they like most about working with and being managed by me, this always comes first. Being able to tell someone what you need, when you need it, how much you can pay for it and how they fit into the equation saves a lot of heartburn down the road. Hint: if you do

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What is a UX Designer and why do I need one?

In the age of all things digital, it is no longer enough to have a website. Now, you need to have a website that can drive leads, engagement, brand awareness and gives a customer exactly what they are looking for. Sounds like quite the tall order, am I right? It seems like hiring a web designer would be the quick fix and it is not always the case. Enter the UX Designer, UX stands for User Experience, which essentially boils down to what experience does the user have on the page, app or website. Isn’t that what a web designer is for? This is always a complex question: yes and no. I find that it

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Is being a Jack (Jackie) of all trades ruining your consultancy?

It’s the age-old conundrum, do you hire someone who has experience in one area so you know they are good at it (depth) or do you hire someone who can wear many hats who can cover many aspects of the project (breadth)? First, let’s go over some pros of both. Pros – Specialized Guaranteed knowledge of tasks within the role Most likely will have experience with similar projects Will be able to educate other members on the team Solid understanding of best practices May be able to help overall current process to be more efficient Pros – Well-Rounded May have a better understanding of how the pieces of the project work together Will be able

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