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What is the Best SEO Software Available Online?

People are only just starting to realize the importance of SEO. Although no one knows the modus operandi of Google’s algorithms, we’re all aware that certain principles must be followed if you want the search engines to respect your work. Since machines will be evaluating your work, the best way to prepare your work is probably by using one of the best SEO software programs available online.

However, all SEO experts agree that not all programs are at the same level.  Some of them just don’t deserve the hype they’re getting while others don’t get enough appreciation. Read on and find out what are the best SEO tools to use in order to make your content search-engine friendly.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Software


Although the criteria are ranked arbitrarily and the first one is as important as the last one, we’d like to start with backlinks since they’re often overlooked. Backlinks are one of the pillars of good SEO. Even though Google updates its algorithm frequently, link building has always been a useful tool in search engine optimization. On the other hand, quality backlinks are not easy to get. Luckily, SEO software developers realize the importance and many tools (especially SEMrush and Moz Pro) offer high-quality backlink analysis. The other option is to locate backlinks through web directories also tracked by SEO tools. That way, you can get a high-quality Dutch web-directory you probably never even heard of. To summarize, backlinks and link building, in general, should play a huge role in building your SEO strategy.


The next criterion is one of those unpopular ones but one of those which should interest you the most. SEO optimization can bring you a lot of money through online marketing so a high-quality free software isn’t something you’ll be able to find. All of the tools on our list are priced similarly since most of them will make your site noticeable by the Google search console. In fact, some of the tools on our list even have promo periods when they’re free, but the features are extremely limited. If you want the real deal, pricing ranges from $99 to as high as $1200. Of course, you can always look for discounts, coupons, and special offers at websites such as the Don’t Pay Full website. All in all, when we decide for the best SEO software, it will be the one with the best price-quality ratio.

Site Audit

One of the foundations of both huge companies and small businesses is site audit. This feature enables you to see which are all possible SEO and technical issues. As a result, your website can become friends with Google, Yahoo, and other popular search engines. Although most of the SEO tools have this feature built-in, some of the tools have gone one step ahead and maximized the advantages of site auditing tools. This technique is probably most advanced by SE Ranking but the other software mustn’t be neglected as well.

Rank Tracking

You don’t have to go to Bywiki to know that keywords are one of the pillars of SEO. It’s not an overstatement that without keywords, there would be no SEO. Consequently, all tools need to have a feature called – the rank tracker. Although accuracy and speed are the most important aspects, you should look for additional features as well. Namely, you should also be able to monitor your competitors’ keywords, perform an occasional organic traffic search etc. The basic audit can be performed with Google Analytics but for more advanced features, you’ll have to use other SEO tools. We’ll discuss these features in-detail while reviewing the products.

Keyword Research

A keyword can be used as a map during your SEO campaign because they’re probably the most important thing to take care of while doing SEO work. Consequently, it’s important that all tools have advanced systems for both keyword research and keywords rankings. Keywords make everything more efficient and that’s why it’s of utmost importance that the tool you choose for your SEO needs is extremely accurate and efficient. Luckily, all of the products on our list are prolific at finding the best and most accurate keywords. However, it’s up to you to decide which is the most suitable SEO software for you.


Although the offer is quite similar, it’s really important to define your needs prior to purchasing one of the SEO software programs. Usually, lower-priced SEO tools focus on a couple most important aspects such as keyword research and web crawling while other, more expensive tools have a plethora of options and features to choose from. When that’s the case, it’s up to you to pick one according to your needs and budget. Ultimately, if you’re a beginner, you should pick a tool that’s easy to use and efficient enough to drive your profits through the roof. Without further ado, let’s see the detailed reviews of 5 best SEO software programs.

Best SEO Software Reviews

Before we start, let’s mention that the ordering is completely arbitrary and that each item is equally important as the next one.

SEO PowerSuite

We’ll start the product review with one of the most important things – SEO PowerSuite has a completely free version available on-demand. With the freemium version, you’ll be able to perform a comprehensive SEO audit and several other SEO features. However, there are several volume limitations and you’ll not be able to use any of the advanced features. Besides the free version, there are two other plans you should be interested in. Labeled perfect for individual site promoters, including small business, the professional and enterprise plans of SEO PowerSuite offer unlimited sites and keywords feature, all SEO features with unlimited data and depending on the plan, a list of useful features.

As far as our personal experience with this SEO tool goes, it can be described as user-friendly and efficient. With the paid version of this program, you’ll get an automatized version of every feature where automation is possible. Namely, you’ll be able to schedule all task to work on autopilot. Since the enterprise version is quite pricey, we don’t recommend purchasing it unless you’re an SEO professional. However, if you’re making a website for a client, you’ll need some high-end features such as white-labeling or saving, printing, and delivering reports to clients. All in all, SEO PowerSuite is a bit expensive, but a well-rounded product nevertheless.

Raven Tools

The next on our list of best SEO programs is a software called Raven. Although people will always associate Raven with Edgar Allan Poe, this software threatens to match the poem popularity-wise. There are 4 different plans and the features vary. However, we would recommend the most expensive plan since there are basically no limitations considering the basic features. The thing we liked the most is that the limitations were realistic. Even with the basic plan, you’ll get enough information and a service good enough to audit your small business website.

The site audit, keyword research, and rank tracking processes are as automated as they get. Furthermore, this SEO tool purchased Moz and Majestic data so you wouldn’t have to. That’s why you must take that fact into consideration when determining the true value of this product. Besides the high-quality, automated features, Raven’s popularity keeps on growing due to the 14-day risk-free trial period. Namely, you’ll get 14 days to fall in love with Raven and we assume you might. If you want to learn more about Raven tools, the best way to do it is by attending their Raven Tools bi-weekly live demo. All you need to do is sign up for it on their website. Taking everything into consideration, Raven tools deserves a place on our list and all plans are well-worth the invested money.


Even though it’s among the most expensive SEO software on our list, SEMrush is worth every penny. SEMrush does everything you’ll ever need from a high-quality search engine optimization software and then some. In fact, there are 28 ‘basic’ tools in each plan. In fact, you may not need anything besides the core features used for an advanced SEO analysis. Rank tracking, content audit, social media tracker and poster, SEO content templates, and so much more is available for only $99.95 per month. For all SEO, PPC, SMM, and content projects, even the basic (pro) plan will do the trick. However, if you’re leading a marketing agency or an e-commerce business, you’ll have to dig deeper into your wallet.

Although being the cheapest, the pro plan will also allow you to check competitors traffic sources, keywords rankings, social media results and more making it the perfect choice for small business and freelancers. Besides the number of tools you’re getting, SEMrush is also perfect for leading a PPC campaign. This is due to the fact that this software will give you some vital and in-depth stats about your business. In addition, we would like to mention the exquisite design and interface of both the website and all software tools included. Many users claim that it’s the best SEO software and we might just agree with that claim. All in all, SEMrush is a customer’s favorite and we can see why.


SE Ranking

Next, we have a cloud-based SEO and online marketing platform which provides a set of high-quality SEO tools.  And the best part – pricing plans start at only $7 per month. Besides the core features, this plan even allows you to perform an SEO/PPC research which is a steal at this price. If you raise the price bar, the number of features adds up accordingly and the limitations disappear. SE Ranking promises a 100% accurate keyword checker tool which is an astonishing benefit to have. The most popular and probably the pricing plan you’re most likely to opt for is the Plus plan. Unless you need API access. In that case, we recommend the Enterprise plan.

Both professionals and newbies equally use this platform. This is due to the fact that all tools are fine-tuned to suit anyone’s needs. If you don’t believe us, try the 14-day free trial. If you do, you’ll experience all the benefits a well-rounded SEO platform has to offer. An additional feature we liked is the pricing plan calculator. You basically set up your demands and this tool calculates the pricing plan that’s perfect for you. This useful feature limits the error margin and gives you the best possible value deal.


Last but not least, we introduce an aptly named SEO software which was suspiciously cheap. At least before we analyzed it, we couldn’t believe that one of the best SEO software programs can cost as low as $7 per month. However, now we know that the ‘light’ version of SheerSEO has its own limitations. Luckily, the quality stays the same regardless of the plan you choose. To see full features of this product, you can either participate in the SheerSEO demo session or get a free two-month trial (recommended). They have the largest number of plans with 5 regular and 4 agency plans if you need to manage more than a single site.

As far as features go, it’s one of the best value SEO software programs on our list. We would agree with their claim that the advanced plan has the best value. Namely, for just $15 per month, you’ll get all common SEO features except competitors analysis. If we had to describe this software briefly, time and money saver would be the proper classification. Features like backlink analysis, a social media/rank trackers, reliable keyword research tools should are a good enough motive for you to at least use the 2-month free trial period and then decide for yourself.

The Importance of Choosing Proper Software

Before we conclude this article and share the best SEO software with you, let us emphasize a single thing. Namely, we must warn you that you won’t have to break your bank if you don’t really need to. One fact must be on your mind at all times – the most expensive software doesn’t necessarily have to be the best fit for you. If you’re a newbie, we recommend you start slow and build a blog with one of the free blog creation tools such as Blogdigy or Blog5 and introduce yourself to the world of SEO. After that, there will be plenty of time to put out the big guns.

Final Verdict

Before we decide which is the best SEO software, we’d like to point out that If you need additional advice, you can always resort to websites and blogs such as Celestial Hosting or Dumb Passive Income.

Finally, although we had to stay unbiased while reviewing the software, we must pronounce the SEO software with the highest value for your business. Judging purely by the price-quality ratio, SEMrush has left the best impression overall. Whether you opt for a free or paid search, this software will provide you with everything you need to know about your and your competitors’ websites SEO-wise.



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